SWIM Camp can fit the needs of any child age 3 or up!


SWIM Camp is a great way to help your child improve his or her swim skills, endurance, practice and learn NEW strokes all while having fun! During camp, kids learn and practice strokes according to ability, diving, treading water, starts, turns, and even fun pool tricks like handstands and underwater flips. 


At SWIM Camp our main goal is to give your child the opportunity to spend a LOT of time in the water practicing and learning while having fun in order to gain more confidence. It is a great compliment to follow up after a private or sibling lesson. Wear your bathing suit, coverup, grab a towel and send your child to enjoy swimming with us! Camp is great for non swimmers all the way up to advanced swimmers. Your child will either learn to swim at camp or will greatly improve their swimming skills, learn new strokes, diving, treading and increase their endurance. We always emphasize water safety rules and practice good habits around the pool at all times.

SWIM Camp can balance and manage all your swimmers’ needs with the help from our wonderful group of seasoned camp staff. Your child will be in great hands! Children are grouped by age and ability on day one and can be moved around as their needs change each day. This allows for progression as they are ready. Underwater pictures and videos will be captured so even though parents don’t get to stay for camp themselves, they’ll still get to see what the kids are enjoying at SWIM Camp each day.

Please inform us of any allergies, dietary restrictions, and/or medical issues that your child may have.