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Find the perfect class for your little swimmer.
Private classes are 25 minutes long and meet for one week (Mon-Thurs). Swim camp is two hours long and meets for one week (Mon-Thurs). Everything takes place in our heated pool- even in cooler weather the water is very warm.
Private Lessons

Swim with Libby

SWIM lessons with Libby are a completely unique experience, providing a one-on-one private lesson in a private pool. This intimate atmosphere makes for a specialized learning environment. In a private lesson, your child will have very few distractions and won’t be influenced by other children’s doubts or pressures.


Private lessons guarantee a customized lesson that identifies what techniques will work best with your child’s learning skills. It is our goal to use positive techniques and fun toys that catch their attention and that will hopefully begin a life-long love for water.


$375 Private lessons (Mon-Thurs)

$475 2 Siblings (Mon-Thurs)

Private Lessons

Swim with Ben

and Marshall

Ben and Marshall are excellent swim instructors and certified lifeguards with years of experience. They have been teaching private and small group swim lessons for the past five years and have assisted with SWIM Camp for the past seven years.


Ben and Marshall are great with children of all ages and have had great success teaching boys and girls at all levels and ages how to swim! They make learning how to swim fun and kids just love them!





$275 Private lesson (Mon-Thurs)

$475 2 siblings (Mon-Thurs)

Group Swim 2hrs/day

Swim Camp

SWIM Camp is a great way to improve your child’s skills and endurance while having fun! During camp, kids learn and practice strokes, diving, treading water, starts, turns, and learn fun pool tricks like handstands and underwater flips.We play pool games such as Shark, Marco Polo, Spider, pool basketball, noodle races, kick board races, jump or dive, red-light green-light, and treasure hunts and we top it off with a light snack and popsicles!


SWIM Camp is geared towards giving your child the opportunity to spend a LOT of time in water practicing and learning while having fun in order to gain more confidence. SWIM Camp is a great compliment to follow up after a private or sibling lesson.

Whether your child wants to learn how to swim or greatly improve their swimming skills, SWIM Camp can fit the needs of any child age 3 or up, ranging from complete beginners to advanced swimmers. SWIM Camp can balance and manage all your swimmers’ needs with the help from our seasoned camp staff.


$275 (Mon-Thurs)

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