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Thank you for requesting to book SWIM lessons for your child/children at your home this spring/summer!

We will be in touch shortly to confirm your lesson and total due. Once we have confirmed your dates and times payment must be received asap. No more than one week from the confirmation to continue to hold your lesson spots. Lessons that are not paid for after one week will be cancelled without notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment instructions are different for EACH service (Private SWIM Lessons at Home, Ben, Marshall, Emilie, Grace, Libby and SWIM Camp). Please read EACH confirmation link - they each have different information. Thank you!

Paying by check
Please mail or drop off a check in the amount agreed to in your confirmation based on your location made out to "SWIM Columbia."

SWIM Columbia

Libby Souder
4732 Quail Lane 
Columbia, SC 29206​

Please note your child's lessons DATE AND TIME on your calendar today and PRINT OUT and read the detailed information below regarding your child’s swim lessons with all the info on where your lessons are scheduled and what to wear etc. We are really looking forward to working with your child this summer! 

Thank You!
Libby Souder
SWIM Columbia 


Information & Instructions for SWIM Lessons

Wait to Swim:

Please have your child WAIT to enter the pool when your instructor arrives and is ready to start. Children tire and get cold quickly. For this reason, It is always best if you wait for any extra swimming time to occur after your instructor has finished your child's lessons. It's also a great opportunity to remind/teach children they must always wait until an adult has said they can get in and that they never put their toe in the water before mom, dad or the instructor has gotten in first.

If your child needs sunscreen please apply before your lesson start time so that it will have time dry before lessons. Sunscreen that's applied right before the child gets into the pool washes off in the water instantly, coats the pool tiles and makes children's arms and body very slippery. It's best applied at least 10 minutes before lessons.  

Be sure to bring out a nice warm towel or TWO - especially in the spring months. 

Restrooms and Swim Diapers:
Please ask your child to use the restroom before heading out to the pool. Be sure to have your child dressed and ready for swim lessons in a bathing suit. Children who are not potty trained or newly potty trained should always wear a swim diaper. Older children who take lessons at their own home will likely pick up very quickly that if they say that they have to “go to the bathroom” they may get to get out of the pool. It’s always a good idea to ask every potty trained child go before heading to lessons which will hopefully alleviate that excuse. We certainly don't want to waste a moment of your child's lessons.


Should I stay or should I go?
Most children do better if they believe their parent/caregiver will not be staying to watch their lesson. We always suggest preparing them by telling them that you'll walk them onto the pool deck to introduce and meet “Miss Emilie" and that you’re going to run an errand or work for a few minutes “inside” or “in the car” or wherever but that you’ll be back as soon as their lesson is over.  If you can make your exit quick Emilie can get your child engaged in something fun. Parents are always welcome to stay but in our experience the children who do the best and get the most out of their lessons are the one's whose parents stay out of sight. Sometimes children are nervous, apprehensive or will even cry at the transition and this is completely normal. Generally, if you give us a few minutes to get them settled they'll usually end up LOVING it! 

What do I do if it's raining?
The weather in the spring and summer months in Columbia can change quickly.  If it is lightly raining we will try to continue with lessons. If we have thunder or lightning in the area we will have to reschedule. Please plan on having your lesson UNLESS you hear from us. We will contact you as soon as we know about any cancellations. Summer storms always move quickly so we always try to wait until right at lesson time to make that decision.  


No Shows, Cancellations, Illnesses and Conflicts?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds or reschedules for any reason. SWIM Lessons and camps are also non transferrable. If you scheduled your travel lessons during a May week please make sure the pool is heated adequately. There are no refunds for nonworking pool heaters or pool maintenance issues etc. If for some reason this were to happen and you have a neighbor where you could move for the day just let your instructor know. Please be sure to note SWIM lesson dates and times on your calendar, we can’t WAIT to see you. 


Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Libby Souder
SWIM Columbia

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