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Thank you for booking SWIM lessons for your child/children with Libby Souder this spring/summer!

In order to confirm your lesson, payment must be received no more than one week from booking to hold lesson spots. Lessons that are not paid after one week will be cancelled without notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment instructions are different for EACH service (Ben, Marshall, Emilie, Grace, Libby and SWIM Camp). Please read EACH confirmation link - they each have different information. Thank you!

Paying by check
Mail or drop off a check in my mailbox $400 per child/$600 for siblings made out "SWIM Columbia."

SWIM Columbia

Libby Souder
4732 Quail Lane 
Columbia, SC 29206

Paying by cash
Just text me at 803-238-2148 when you are on the way so I can make sure someone is home to give you a receipt. Thanks so much!

Please note your child's lessons DATE AND TIME on your calendar today and PRINT OUT and read the detailed information below regarding your child’s swim lessons with all the info on where we are located, what to wear, bring and where to park etc. I am really looking forward to working with your child this summer! 

Thank You!
Libby Souder
SWIM Columbia 


Information & Instructions for SWIM Lessons

Please DO NOT ENTER THE GATE until I am in the backyard and signal for you to do so. That includes the first swimmers of the day and first swimmers after break etc. My insurance company is VERY strict about this policy. Please also pass on this information to grandparents, nanny’s, dad’s or anyone else who may bring your child to swim lessons.

No Shows, Cancellations, Illnesses and Conflicts:

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds or reschedules for any reason. SWIM Camps and lessons are nontransferable. Please be sure to note SWIM Lesson dates and times on your calendar.


Please do not come to swim lessons if you, your child has a fever or flu-like illness or any symptoms as described by the CDC as possible COVID-19. 

Please park in the semi-circle driveway at 4732 Quail Lane, Columbia, SC  29206. Enter by the mailbox and pull all the way forward towards the tree. You can access the pool by walking down my driveway to the gate. Please do not park in or block my neighbors driveway and please do not park in the street per City of Columbia Zoning.This year I’m going to try to leave the straight driveway open for my family to use but if the circle drive is full feel free to park at the top of the straight driveway.

Please do not enter the backyard gate until the child’s swim lesson before yours is finished and has exited the pool. This helps me by limiting distractions. Ideally arriving at my house about five minutes or less before your lesson begins is perfect. That gives you time to exit the car and walk down the driveway to the gate in plenty of time. After years of teaching swim lessons the children who struggle with anxiety are those who arrive too early. Try to arrive no more than 5 minutes early and walk down to the gate no more than a minute before your start time.

If your child needs sunscreen please apply at home so that it will have time dry before lessons. Sunscreen that's applied right before the child gets into the pool washes off in the water instantly, coats the pool tiles and makes children's arms and body very slippery. It's best applied at least 30 minutes before lessons.  


Be sure to bring a nice warm towel or TWO - especially in the spring months. The water is kept very warm (currently almost 90 degrees) but it can be cool when we get out after lessons are over, especially if there’s a little breeze. A fluffy robe or light coat is a great idea to keep them warm while you get to the car. 


Restrooms and Swim Diapers:
Please ask your child to use the restroom before you leave the house.  Bring your child dressed and ready for swim lessons in a bathing suit. I do not have a restroom that is close by the pool for easy use. Children who are not potty trained or newly potty trained MUST WEAR a swim diaper and it's always a good idea to bring an extra to leave on the pool deck with their towel just in case they go during their lesson. I am a PRO at changing a swim diaper quickly if needed. 


Should I stay or should I go:
Most children do much better if they believe their parent/caregiver will not be staying to watch their lesson. I always suggest preparing them by telling them that you'll walk them in to meet "Miss Libby" and then you'll be running a quick errand and that you'll be back to pick them up when their lesson is over.  If you can make your exit quick I can get them engaged in something fun.  If you exit the gate and walk up the driveway a bit most children will then begin to settle in and enjoy their lesson.  After a few minutes you can always ease back down closer to the gate where you can see how they are doing. Parents are always welcome to stay but in my experience the children who do the best and get the most out of their lessons are the one's whose parents stay out of sight. Sometimes children are nervous, apprehensive or will even cry at the transition and this is completely normal. I promise if you give me a few minutes to get them settled they'll usually end up LOVING it! If you decide that you MUST stay please leave the pool deck and sit up in the driveway at the round table. It's so important for your child and me to develop a bond. It's difficult to do if the child is distracted by seeing mom or dad at the gate peeping in or right on the pool deck. 


What to do if it's raining:
The weather in the spring and summer months in Columbia can change quickly.  If it is lightly raining we will try to continue with lessons. If we have thunder or lightning in the area we will have to reschedule. Please always come on to your lesson UNLESS you hear from me. I'll contact you as soon as I know about any cancellations.  

We can’t WAIT to see you!

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