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We know how important it is to do as much research as possible before trusting someone with your child so we've included several success stories about our program.

If you're looking for someone to teach your kiddos how to swim, definitely sign them up with Amy’s Aquatics. They will learn safety skills and learn to be a great swimmer. My three year old can swim half the pool and when we are out in public pools people always ask who we went to for swim lessons because she doesn’t need a floatie! Thanks so much for teaching McKenna how to be such a great swimmer.

-Kelley Jones


Amy is passionate about kids and water safety, and it shows. My son has been going to her since he was 5 (now 7), and he is continuously improving with each summer session. He looks forward to it. We love that it's done at her home and that she encourages parents to just drop the kiddos off and let her work her magic. Plus, it makes "show-off day" that much more special as the kids are beaming to show you what they learned.

-Andrea Rogers


My then 3 year old had a scary fall in the pool right before summer of 2016. She hated the water after that. I heard great things about Amy, so I reached out. She assured me that she had experience with many kids in similar situations and knows exactly how to handle them! In less than 2 days Amy had my daughter giving the water a second chance. By the end of the week, she gave her confidence to learn to swim. She is 6 and still remembers her terminology, pool rules, and is a little fish!

-Amanda Singleton


Before beginning lessons with Mrs. Amy, my son(4yrs old) was unable to float or hold his head above water. He was terrified of floating on his back or being in the pool alone. Within 2 weeks of going to swim lessons, my son was swimming half the distance of the pool and floating 25+ seconds on his back without hesitation. Mrs. Amy is so kind and really takes the time to create a relationship with each one of her students. As soon as our first swim session was over, my son asked if he could come back for more.

-Ashley Mallamaci


As a swim coach myself, it is hard to pay someone else for something that you should be able to do, but I felt like my son would learn better from someone other than mom. I wanted to find a program that would teach the skills that I was looking for and not one that was mostly water acclimation. Amy did not disappoint! Amy is kind and reassuring while being able to nudge kids out of their comfort zone. She was able to get my cautious, over thinker out of his own head so he could swim on his own.

-Heather Swanberg

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